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Student Transcript System (STS)

Nonpublic Users


System Manager: Jacqueline Edwards (email address: jacqueline.edwards@la.gov)

The Student Transcript System (STS) collects detailed transcript data on Louisiana High School students in public and nonpublic high schools. Each student's entire high school transcript is submitted, including course code, letter grade, credit earned, etc.


BOR Harvest Last update:  6/22/2017 at 1:07 PM

The Board of Regents June Harvest will extract files from STS this week and the following two Mondays.  (June 19th and 26th and July 3rd)


The Password Reset System

The Password Reset System (PRS) Assists with resetting user access to the Data Systems.
The Password Reset System can be reached by clicking here: Password Reset System

Student Transcript System (STS) User Guides

The Student Transcript System (STS) User Guide provides information and instructions that facilitate the submission of student transcript data to the Louisiana Department of Education.


System Timelines

Please see below for the data submission deadlines for uploading data to the Student Transcript System.
2015-2016 (summer) STS Timelines  PDF

2016-2017 STS Timelines  PDF

The Official Transcript System

The Official Transcript System (OTS) provides electronic transcripts and should be used to access all official high school transcripts for Louisiana graduates. The 2005-2006 school year marked the beginning of the creation of official transcripts directly from data in the Student Transcript System. The log-in screen of the Official Transcript System can be reached by clicking here: Official Transcript System

Official Transcript Instructions  PDF

STS Enhancement Presentation

This presentation provides information on the latest STS Enhancements. STS Enhancements  PDF


Files and PowerPoints

2016 Course Code Listing (as of 04-24-2017)  XLS

2016 Site Code Listing  XLS

STS Nonpublic Schools User Training Presentation Full Presentations PDF

STS_Correcting a SSN PPTX

STS_How to Add A Student PPTX

2015 STS Batch Upload Layouts (nonpublic) PDF

Bulletins and Policies

Graduation Requirements