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Student Transcript System (STS)

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Please contact Barrett Adams barrett.adams@la.gov for assistance with STS issues.

The Student Transcript System (STS) collects detailed transcript data for students in public and nonpublic middle school grades 08 and high school grades T9, 09-12 who have taken any courses for credit.  Using the Internet, transcript data can be submitted through batch file uploads or through online screens. Each student's entire high school transcript is submitted including all transfer credits, correspondence courses, any courses passed/earned through proficiency testing, repeated courses and all failed courses.  Additionally, a transcript record must be submitted for any course that was waived for a student. 


The reporting of student transcript information enables school districts, charter schools, and nonpublic schools to transmit student transcript data for the purposes of determining how students are tracking toward graduation requirements for a specific transcript year.


STS transcript data can also be used to determine eligibility for Taylor Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS). Colleges and universities use the information from STS for admission decisions and scholarship awards. The Department of Education uses the data in determining the Drop out Accumulation Index (DCAI).


For additional information, please refer to the STS User Guide and other resources listed below:



Open for updates for the 2017-18 school year until September 30, 2018.



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