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SER (Special Education Reporting) System


System Manager: Bernetta Sims (email: Bernetta.Sims@la.gov)



The Special Education Reporting (SER) System provides for the establishment of a statewide special education student database from which specified reports from the student record can be generated. The specified reports that are generated enable special education personnel to follow the provision of services to individuals, monitor the timeliness and appropriateness of these services when judged against the sections of the Regulations for Implementation of the Children with Exceptionalities Act, R. S. 17:1941, et seq., implementing ACT 754 and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA, Part B and Part C), which pertain to the individual student; and to ascertain local technical assistance needs through analysis. Special education personnel have the ability to collect, report, and process information on individual students through automated means. Data are captured on an individual from the point of referral to pupil appraisal personnel and from the provision of services until the time of exit from special education. SER was implemented September 1, 2005.


For information regarding the collection timeline, please refer to the 2017-18 Benchmark Calendar.

Please refer to the following resources:  

        2017-18 SER User Guide posted on LA Believes (under Data Systems see LDOE Data Systems User Guides link)

        Module 1 LDOE Data Systems Security and Access

        Module 2 LDOE Application Systems Overview

        Module 3 LDOE Data Collection Timeline and Communication Resources

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        Password Reset System

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